Michael DiGiorgio at work on the tree cricket plates
The book is out! 
Guide to the Night-singing Insects
of the Northeast.

Stackpole Books Spring 2009

A unique field guide and audio CD package covering more than 70 species of night-singing insects found throughout the northeastern United States.  Includes information on the three main families-- the katydids, mole crickets and true crickets--as well as full-color illustrations showing the distinctive feature of each species.  Learn where to find them, what colors and physical attributes are key identifiers, how species compare with on another, and how various sounds help identify a particular insect.
The book includes a CD of the calls of
68 species.  Listen to a sample below*.
*The sound quality was reduced to load faster.
My rat terrier, Jim, became enamored with the calling crickets and katydids in my studio.
Ask for it at your local bookstore, or order from Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.

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Some sample plates....