Charlotte the Starlet
by Barbara Ware Holmes
Illustrated by John Himmelman
March 1988
Harper & Row
Dedication (From Holmes - I didn't get one):
To my parents, Doris and Robert Savoy
John Himmelman's Stories' Stories
Book #9
Here's book number two from the Charlotte Cheetham trilogy. Charlotte is no longer telling tall tales and is writing a book about a character named Fat Pat Flack. The kids love it. But do they really?

The jacket is Prismacolor pencil over watercolor, the lines drawn with a Rapidograph pen. No spots for this one - all the illustrations were full page.

The payment for this and the other books in the series was "flat fee". That means they pay me for the art, but I collect no royalties. It's a one-time payment broken into halves - the first when you sign the contract, the second when the finished work is accepted. This is typical for line art done for the books for older children, as well as for educational literature.
The frustrated writer.

I like drawing crumpled paper. 

Shading was done with hatching, as opposed to cross hatching. Didn't have the guts to take it to that next step yet.
The students are getting into her story updates at lunch. One of her fans hangs drawings for the book in the halls. Charlotte's hair is in full frizz.  Since "authors don't wear braids", she got rid of them. The boy pressing his face against the glass is not mentioned in the story. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Nothing wrong with a little extrapolation.
I'd just discovered a way to draw grass! They're just loosely interconnected, vertically-lined arcs. When I paint grass now, it's how I still do it. 

Anyway, Annie seems to have found a new friend. Charlotte is not happy!

More extrapolations going on in the background.
By the way, a few years down the line they replaced my cover again. Yes, I know it's better...