Preschool Pop-ups Let's Count 12345
Text by Wendy Lewison
Illustrated & engineered by John Himmelman
January 1988
​Butterscotch Books
John Himmelman's Stories' Stories
Book #7
I had shown my portfolio at Joshua Morris Publishing in Connecticut. They hired me to do my first, and only, pop-up book. My editor called them "pull and pops", which might be a UK thing?

The best part of this was it would be my job to figure out how to make the "pull and pops" for each page! Betsy and I spent hours snipping and taping, making prototypes. They needed to be simple and somewhat sturdy. This was a book for preschoolers and the popping up parts would surely be pulling off parts for their little fingers. 

The elephant's arm was the best pop-up, in my opinion. It actually raised and lowered the phone right to his ear. The phone itself would now be considered an ancient artifact.
This is the first book where Prismacolor pencils played a large roll. As mentioned on the Amanda and the Magic Garden page, I was trying to smooth out my watercolors - to get them a bit more opaque. I did that here by laying down the watercolor and filling in the pale spots with a colored pencil. Blending sticks were used to blend the two mediums. It gave it a more guachey look without being too solid. That felt like cheating though. I was still trying to get down watercoloring. I would, eventually. But wasn't there yet.