Rainboots for Breakfast
by Marcia Leonard
Pictures by John Himmelman
July 1988
Silver Press
For Dana and Sasha Frankel, just for fun. (Leonard)

To my brother Jim, one of my two closest friends in the world. (Mine)
John Himmelman's Stories' Stories
Book #10
This project was a twofer! I was hired to illustrate this book and Shopping for Snowflakes - both would be published at the same time (but I did this one first). 

Marcia Leonard, who authored these was also the co-founder of Small Packages, who helped develop The Fix-it Family Series 2 years later.

See the frog's head? It's glued on. I messed up the face and really didn't want to do the whole thing over. So, I drew another on a separate piece of paper, cut it out, and glued it over the original. I'd learned a few years earlier from illustrator Carl Tito that these are not paintings for the wall. They are first and foremost illustrations to be printed. All that matters is how it looks in print

Looking at that yard now, I wonder if his neighbors are Snuggle Piggy and Amanda the witch.
Uninteresting fact: I have dragonfly wallpaper in my studio right now.

I'd just discovered wallpaper patterns and made a little stencil for the ones on the frog's wall - colored with a Prismacolor pencil.

It's not unusual to find a book and pencil in my illustrations. I do it to add gravity and depth, but also books and pencils have always been treasured items in our home.
This is how the 4 choices were offered for what he will eat. It was three silly and one sensible. I loved doing the rainboots because I have such clear memories of those as a kid. Most especially of trying to undo the buckles when those little slots were caked with ice.
Well? What do you think?