My interest in writing began in grade school with letters written back and forth with my Aunt Ann.  Writing was never a task - it was fun, and was rewarded with... more letters - sent to ME! - in the mail!  What kid wouldn't enjoy getting letters in the mail?

  • How to come up with ideas for stories.
  • Writing stories about NATURE and WILDLIFE (Nature is a story, you know)
  • Dealing with making mistakes! (Making them is part of the process)
  • Why it's good to have people (editors, reviewers, TEACHERS) offering constructive criticism.
  • The process of making a book; from idea to finishing the artwork - illustrated with photos of sketches and doodles progressing to the finished art.
  • How this author went from reading books as a child (some of his favorites are shared) to making his own.
  • Also shared: Some rejections from publishers, HORRIFIC reviews, and other "fun" aspects of the trade that keep this job interesting.

And now the pertinent businessy info:

  1-4 (K, if mixed with older audience).  Adults and older siblings welcome.

Audience Size
  This can be for assembly-sized groups, so long as they can see the
  screen from way in the back.

Length of Presentation
  1 hour, with Q&A

  $750 for one presentation per day.
School provides:
  Two extension cords (or a power strip) for projector & laptop.  Table for
  projector and a screen.

Book Signing
  Of course!  However you wish to arrange it.  Some schools have me sign 
  books after the presentation.  Some have me do it before.  My favorite,
  when possible, is to have the kids bring me their books to sign, but I
  understand that's not always possible.

  I've visited schools from Santiago, Chile to Vermont. Availability for travel is
  dependent upon my book deadlines. 

This lively Powerpoint presentation shares the whole spectrum of creating stories from the point of view of someone who's spent nearly half a century doing so.

The goal of my visit? 

To inspire children to share their own stories with the written word and pictures.

Among the topics covered are:
1967 letter to Aunt Ann (she saved most of them!)
Here's a downloadable flier (PDF) for the presentation. 
Space has been left for the date, school, etc.
About the presenter

John Himmelman has been visiting schools - all over! - for nearly 30 years.  The presentations have varied and evolved, but always strived to mix a little bit of humor with the goal of inspiring children to reach, and enjoy, their creative potential.

When not visiting schools, Himmelman can be found in Killingworth, CT; working on his books, playing guitar, playing outside, or practicing martial arts.  He is married to Betsy Himmelman, an Art Teacher, and has two children.  Jeff is an artist in Boston and Lizzie is studying to be an actress in Philadelphia.

More can be found in his bio - here.