One little hot dog sitting on a chair..."I want a friend to sit with me!" Two little hot dogs sitting on a chair...

10 Little Hot Dogs
Amazon/Marshall Cavendish 2010

One by one, more little hot dogs join the group until there are ten little hot dogs on the chair. They play and play until...they all fall asleep. But then, one little hot dog wakes up, and one by one, guess what the other hot dogs do? Humorous illustrations rendered in watercolor and pencil and a playful narrative make it easy for young readers to count these hopping hot dogs from one to ten and down again from ten to one.

"This book will work well as a read-aloud with small groups, though the engaging puppies will encourage closer examination." - School Library Journal
Okay, now this is cool... A friend pointed me this YouTube video of a boy named Grant Kraus doing 
10 Little Hot Dogs in ASL (sign language)!