3/3 : Course overview. Who am I? Who are you? Workplace, time management, standard book formats.

3/10: Discuss homework, getting ideas (brainstorming), ms. format. Writing dos and don’ts. 

3/17: Revision/rewriting, Critiquing (yourself and others) Cover letters and queries. Picturebook critique. 

3/24: Cover letter critique. finding a publisher. Copyright, contracts, Review publication process, Q&A
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Read 15 picturebooks. Bring 1 “good” book and 1 you don’t like to next class.
It’s not too soon to be musing over what you’d like to write...

Write a picturebook story. Be prepared to share – does NOT have to be finished!

Write a cover letter for one of your stories. 

Writing Children’s Books for Publication
Instructor: John Himmelman
Publishers Need Your Children’s Books!

Someone has to write them – why not you? Learn the craft of writing books for children. Children's book styles are as diverse as their creators, and editors are looking to bring to their publishing house the next new talent. Learn how to write the stories that interest them by writing about what interests you. And then… how to find those editors, what to send them, and how to present your work. This is for writers who want to pursue publication with mainstream publishers, as opposed to those who wish to self-publish. 

Topics include: Formats, brainstorming, writing and illustration do's & don'ts, what publishers look for, finding publishers, submitting work, contracts, working with editors and art directors, agents, and more.  

John Himmelman has been a Children’s Book Author and Illustrator since his first book was published in 1981. Many of his ninety-plus books since have gone on to win a variety of awards and honors. Himmelman has taught this course in many venues for over 30 years. Visit his website at

Wednesdays, March 3-24
6:30PM - 8:30PM
Ages 18 and over

Cost: $165 per person